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It's about humans, since 2014
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About Our Community

It’s about humans! Our mission is to connect people. With other humans, knowledge, inspiration, opportunities, … so that we can do what we love, with amazing people, and do it at the places we like.


100+ events and talks in the past 6 years, from business potential of AI to theoretical foundations of machine learning. Education, inspiration, sharing.


Networking and creating new connections! Better jobs, better projects, better ideas, … Our motto: Come for talk, stay for people!


We are an independent non-profit organisation with a very clear goal. We maximize the benefit for you, not for anybody else! We are a community built by the community.


We are open! To all the feedback and new topics, new ideas, new speakers, new organisers! But we need you to let us know! We all started by reaching out.

Our Partners
List of the companies that decided to support an independent AI community for the greater good. No, it's not only supporting. They build the community. They are the community! Thank you!
Call For Talks

Just do it! Reach out to us and finally suggest that talk you have been thinking about for so long!


You will find no better place than our community to share your experience with. You are not sure about the topic? No problem! We will help you. We have organised 100+ events – more than 50% of people don’t have clear idea about the topic. They just let us know and we figure that out together.

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